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Our treatment philosophy is simple


Just as each person is unique, so is each injury.  A thorough musculoskeletal assessment is necessary if treatment is to provide more than mere symptom relief.  A full hour is given for each evaluation.  This allows us to determine not just the source of pain, but also the factors that have caused this to become a problem in the first place.  Without this attention to the root cause, the pain is much more likely to recur or takes longer to resolve.


Each person is treated holistically.  This means that factors such as home, work, and sports ergonomics and biomechanics, nutrition, inflammatory state, stress level, and sleep are all taken into consideration.  Other areas of the body may also be contributing to the problem.  A simple tennis elbow may appear to be an overuse type injury, when in fact its root is a dysfunction in the neck or a malalignment at the elbow.  


With individualized care, each person and each problem are treated uniquely. 






The best integrative care not only considers the different aspects of your health and wellness, but also looks at these factors from varied medical perspectives.  As an integrative practitioner, I have the ability to blend the philosophies of western medicine and physical therapy including biomechanics and manual therapy, eastern medicine including acupuncture, as well as structural yoga therapy. 


This type of integrative care differs from that provided by offices with various types of practitioners, each with their own focus.  At Garden Home Physical Therapy and Acupuncture, soft tissue and joint mobilization, energetic balancing, individualized exercise instruction and neuromuscular re-education, and lifestyle education can all occur within the same treatment session. 


This integrative style of treatment is the most complete and well-rounded.  


I also refer to and collaborate with practitioners with specialties that differ from my own.






Knowledge is power.


We don't lack for information in our current times; often the problem is quite the opposite.  The challenge is sorting between the good and the bad material, the relevant and the irrelevant advice.  At Garden Home Physical Therapy and Acupuncture, you are partnering to receive expert guidance and education.  Together we will clarify which information is relevant to you.


Quality healthcare should always empower you, equipping you with the insights, understanding, and skills to make good decisions about your health and body going forward.


As an integrative practice, there are more treatment options available to us.  These include manual therapy (joint and soft tissue), acupuncture and/or dry needling, customized therapeutic exercise (strengthening, stretching, balance, and agility), individualized yoga instruction, taping techniques (including kinesiotape), cold laser (LLLT), far infrared therapy, education (lifestyle, ergonomics, nutrition), and Chinese medicine fascial release techniques (cupping and gua sha).  We will partner together to make decisions regarding these treatment options.

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